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DK805Digital Gauge

DK805 Digital Gauge
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High accuracy, compact, and slim gauges suitable for installation on machines.

  • Magnetic principle Excellent resistance to workshop conditions.
  • Resistant to oil, water, dust, vibration, and shock.
  • Accuracy : 1 μm, 1.5 μm
  • Maximum resolution : 0.1 μm, 0.5 μm
  • Measuring range: 5 mm
  • Low measuring force
  • Spindle can be moved vertically with an air pressure device
  • Easy installation Flange type gauges also available.



※1 The mass indicated is the total mass excluding the cable and interpolation box.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

ModelHigh-resolution frange modelsGeneral-purpose resolution frange modelsHigh-resolution modelsGeneral-purpose resolution models
OutputA/B/Z phase voltage-differential line driver output(compliant with EIA-422)
Signal pitch40 μm
Maximum resolution0.1 μm0.5 μm0.1 μm0.5 μm
Measuring range5.2 mm
Accuracy (at 20℃)1μm1.5 μm1μm1.5 μm
Measuring force(at 20℃)
  • Downward : 0.45 ±0.25 N
  • Lateral : 0.40 ±0.25 N
  • Upward : 0.35 ±0.25 N
Reference pointOne location (at 1 mm/0.04" position of spindle movement)
Maximum response speed 80m/min (DK805AFR/AFLR)
42m/min (DK805BFR/BFLR)
250m/min (DK805AFR5/AFLR5)
100m/min (DK805BFR5/BFLR5
80m/min (DK805AR/ALR)
42m/min (DK805BR/BLR)
250m/min (DK805AR5/ALR5)
100m/min (DK805BR5/BLR5)
Air drivingVacuum suction(DK805AFLR/AFLR5, DK805BFLR/BFLR5)Vacuum suction(DK805ALR/ALR5, DK805BLR/BLR5)
Vibration resistance(10 ~ 2000 Hz)100 m/s2
Impact resistance (11 ms)1000 m/s2
Protective design gradeIP66 (not including interpolation box and connectors)
Operating temperature0℃ ~ 50℃
Storage temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Power supplyPower supply voltageDC +5 V ±5%
Power consumption1 W
Cable lengthApprox. 2.5 m
Diameter of stemφ9.5(0~0.009)mmφ8(0~0.009)mm
Mass※1Approx. 20 g
FeelerProvided with a carbide ball tip (DZ-123) Mount screw M2.5Provided with a steel ball tip Mount screw M2.5Provided with a carbide ball tip (DZ-123) Mount screw M2.5Provided with a steel ball tip Mount screw M2.5
Accessories+P M4x5 screw (2pcs.). Installation spacer, Instruction Manual, Supplement
OutputCable length(up to the electronic section)22 m max.


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