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February 21, 2012

Magnescale developed non-contact displacement meter of Picometer resolution

Magnescale Co., Ltd has developed non-contact displacement meter for Picometer resolution(pm, millionth of 1 Micrometer).

This non-contact displacement meter is based on the grating interferometer principle that is the same as Laserscale*, the highly accurate linear encoder made by Magnescale Co., Ltd. With the signal wavelength of 138 Nanometer, the new non-contact displacement meter achieves measurement of a few Millimeter distance in Picometer resolution. The new displacement meter measures the distance from the reflective surface of the objects and by adding this displacement sensor to the 1D or 2D sensor scale, the customer will be able to realize the 2D or 3D measurement applications.

Furthermore, by using the new non-contact displacement sensor in combination with the existing 2D Laserscale, this 3D measurement solution will satisfy with critical requirements of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our technologies of Picometer resolution measurement will extend further opportunities for various applications demanding accuracy and precision, such as surface flatness measurement of semiconductor wafers or profile measurement of optical components.

*Laserscale:High-resolution linear encoder based on laser interferometer principle and hologram scale. It is widely used for motion control of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and mold processing machine for optical components.

Specifications and applications of the non-contact displacement meter

Signal wavelength138nm
Resolution8.4pm(16,384 division)
Working distance3mm
Measurement length±1mm
ApplicationsHigh precision stage control for semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment, Flatness measurement, Calibration of machine tool

Release for volume

August, 2012

Target qty & amount

First year: 500 units / 200 million Yen

Target Price

Standard300,000 Yen
Fiber type600,000 Yen

IMAGE: The new non-contact displacement sensor

the new non-contact displacement sensor

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