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Production and quality control

By proving products with excellent safety, quality, and reliability, we establish total quality control from design to product release, maintaining the international standard of the quality management system (QMS) and giving our customers 100% satisfaction. Our facilities include an ultra-high precision temperature-maintained room essential to production of scales, high-precision measuring equipment refined by a traceable fixed secondary standard set at the national standard, and a clean room necessary for the assembly of fine equipment. We also use out-gas analysis equipment for the increasingly popular vacuum scale. As worldwide regulations on noise are currently growing stricter, we use a testing facility for the highest standard, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We also give consideration to the environment by using measurement devices that monitor the levels of harmful substances found in our products.

  • Iodine stabilized laser traceability system

    Iodine stabilized laser
    traceability system

  • Anechoic chamber

    Anechoic chamber

  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer

    X-ray fluorescence

  • GC/MS instrument

    GC/MS instrument

Traceability Flow chart (Length)