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Business policy

At Magnescale, in the area of high-precision measurement technologies, our fundamental principles guide us to build our business by encouraging and nurturing principles of superior craftsmanship. For instance, Our Magnescale products, which originated from tape recorder magnetic storage technology, and boast high resistance to environmental stresses and offer exceptional precision and high resolution, have spurred progress in the machine tool industry. Meanwhile, our Laserscale products, which originated from optical disk-derived optoelectronics technologies, and were developed with electronics miniaturization in mind, have contributed to improvements in advanced semiconductor technologies and high-density production equipment. Moreover, in today's manufacturing industry, our principles further call for us to pursue technical innovation with a global perspective, which involves addressing problems facing the global environment.

To that end, we aim both to develop better measuring devices and to work on systemization technologies. More than anything else, we feel that this calls for an even closer partnership with our customers-a partnership that enables us to anticipate customer needs that demand our principles of superior craftsmanship. With that in mind, we at Magnescale are working to enhance our capacity to come up with cutting-edge technologies, and are actively seeking solutions to the challenges our customers face. Such efforts combined are enabling us to upgrade production technologies and are thereby yielding higher product quality and reliability. In this regard, acting as a partner in this new era, we shall work even harder to meet the needs of our customers.

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