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Magnescale Co., Ltd., Magnescale(R), Laserscale(R), Digital Gauge

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1965Introduced magnetic scale technology
1969Established Sony Magnescale Co., Ltd. to develop, design, and manufacture Magnescale magnetic scale products
1971Released Magnescale GP series
1978Released Counter LM series
1981Established Isehara office
1988Released Laserscale BS10 series
1996Changed company name to Sony Precision Technology Inc.
2002Released Laserscale BL55 series
Introduced high-precision magnetic recording technology
2003Released high-precision Magnescale SR33 series
2004Changed company name to Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation
2005Released Magnescale SJ300 series, high-precision digital gauge DK800 series, and network counter system MG series
2007Released high-precision absolute Magnescale SR70 series
2008Released Magnescale GB-ER series, counter LH70 series
Released high rigidity and precision absolute Magnescale SR80, RU70 series
2010Established Magnescale Co., Ltd.